Chic Wedding Photography Team

Chic Wedding Photography Team

Anesta - Wedding Photographer

“As much as I love eating cheese, you won’t ever hear me shout ‘say cheese’!”

Essex based, Anesta started her career around the same time as Andy and now boasts nearly twelve years of photography experience in the wedding and event industries.

With a creative eye and a modern approach, Anesta is known for her cheery disposition.

In addition, she is super proud to have picked up photography awards from both Fearless and Masters of Wedding Photography UK & Ireland.

How Anesta got started in wedding photography...

Anesta graduated from the London College of Fashion (so long ago, she doesn’t tell us!) and worked in the non-profit sector for over a decade, addressing educational disadvantage in some of England’s most challenging schools.

However, speaking honestly, it was becoming a parent that really sparked Anesta’s interest in photography.

Suddenly, she had a desire to capture all those wonderful moments of childhood which can quickly become forgotten as time passes. And it is here that her journey into photography began.

And there was no denying that she had a magnet-like ability to attract and entertain children (long before she had any children of her own), which has proven to be a valuable characteristic when trying to bring the best out of people in front of the camera.

Anesta is a proud member of the Guild of Photographers, Keeping It Real Photography and the Society of Wedding Professional Photographers.

Anesta joined the Chic Photgrpahy Team in 2019.

Essex Wedding Photography

Emanuelle – Wedding Videographer


Video has been a passion of Eman’s for over 8 years, driving him to create beautiful cinematic videos.

He captures the atmosphere in the best way possible, helping shape your story in a way that will be remembered for years to come.

Small delicate details, conversations, and key parts may be forgotten over time but your wedding video will be your time machine, allowing you to relive those special moments again and again.

Eman takes pride in being very discreet around his subjects and he is always very respectful to all those he works with.

How Emanuelle got started in wedding photography...

Eman’s video production experience stems from working in many different sectors, from corporate to promotional to music videos.

In addition, having worked on a wide range of diverse projects, he fully understands how to create a visual impact.

In 2009 he attended Writtle College in Essex and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

However, it was during the last years of University, that he started experimenting with cameras.

He really enjoyed learning the filming and editing process and over time, fell in love with the craft.

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