Shopping for Wedding Dresses

Shopping for Wedding Dresses

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Top 10 tips on shopping for wedding dresses… 

Jodie of Ella Bella Weddings and Events has kindly shared her top 10 tips on shopping for wedding dresses.

The day is finally here that you have been waiting for, but what do you need to take with you? What do you need to do? Here are my top ten tips for wedding dress shopping:


  1. Make an appointment

Most wedding dress shops nowadays (especially with Covid) will require an appointment and they will be busier at a weekend. Some dress shops now also charge for your appointment (the charge is normally taken off the sale of a dress). Do your research, look for designers you like, then find a shop that stocks them.


  1. Have a budget

Make sure you have a budget for your dress, as you will be asked in your appointment, and stick to it. Is this budget just for the dress or does it include accessories like a veil?


  1. Pick your entourage carefully

During Covid, you can only take one person with you, take someone who you can trust and the opinion you value. If you’re not keen on taking your bridal squad with you because you want your dress to be a surprise for everyone and have hired a wedding planner, take them with you, you will receive supportive and non-biased advice.


  1. Go with an open mind

You may be absolutely set on one designer or one style of dress, but when you start trying them on they just don’t give you that feeling in your tummy. Listen to your shop assistant they will know what style will suit your body shape, have fun with it and try on all different styles, you may be surprised by what you say yes to!


  1. Pick good underwear

Make sure you have supportive underwear, especially if you don’t know which type of dress you are going for, bear in mind some dresses will not need a bra (don’t worry it’s all been seen before).


  1. Take some heels

Don’t forget to take some heels with you, think about the height you will be comfortable wearing all day! Or if you’re going to be wearing converse under there, take them with you.


  1. Think about hairstyles

If you have been looking for a hairstyle Inspo on Pinterest think about what suits you. Wear your hair up on the day of your appointment if that is the style you feel you want to go for, you can then get a feel with the dress.


  1. Don’t worry about sizes

Wedding dresses are sized differently and more likely than not, you will have a size that is bigger than what you would pick up in your high street shop. Do not be disheartened by this, it is what it is.


  1. You may not find ‘the one’ on your first trip

Try not to get overwhelmed; there are so many shops and so many dresses and you may not find ‘the one’ at your first appointment. It will happen for you, the right dress is out there for you.


  1. You may not cry

We have all seen it on Say Yes to the Dress, how the bride and her entourage get overwhelmed with emotion, but don’t feel it’s not the right dress if you don’t cry. Go with your gut always!

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