5 Top Wedding Planning Tips

5 Top Wedding Planning Tips

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5 Top Wedding Planning Tips by Lucy Meehan Events Ltd

5 Top Tips for couples


  • Take it one step at a time. Often when a couple gets engaged, researching and looking at everything that needs to be thought of can be overwhelming.

    So, take your time and seek advice on how best to get started. There are many details to consider before you get started that will make the whole process easier.


  • Discuss your ideas – Get together with your other half to discuss your hopes for your wedding. Think about what you both want, what are your non-negotiables? What do you want it to look like?


  • Create a draft guest list – this may seem to some to be premature but it’s important when you start planning a wedding to understand the number of guests you would like to invite. You don’t need to know exactly who, but you do need to have a rough total. This will affect what venues you look at and what budget you should allocate.


  • Create a draft wedding budget – If you haven’t organized an event like this before you won’t necessarily know what money to allocate to the different areas of your wedding and that’s fine. But to start with you need to know how much you would like to spend on your wedding, for example, you need to know if you’re working with £10k or £500k. Allocate what you think you may want to spend on the different areas, you may want to allocate more to the items that are important to you.


  • Every couple is different in terms of what they prioritise, but what should take the most planning is sourcing the right venue. Your choice of venue affects so many other decisions from guest numbers to budget, catering to furniture, your choice of suppliers to guest accommodation, and even your wedding style.So, it is important to spend time considering all of these elements as you shortlist your venues.


Bonus Tip

The planning stages can make you excited, anxious, upset, happy, nervous the list of emotions goes on and all couples go through this.

You put yourself under pressure, worrying about other opinions and ideas, guest list and table plan woes, managing a budget, juggling wedding planning with work.

whether you will forget something important, hoping that everything you have planned will actually happen on the day, that your guests will enjoy the experience, and that you and your other half will have that memorable day.

There’s A LOT to think about and looking after yourself tends to be at the bottom of the list – if it even makes the cuts.

So, you should invest time in self-care leading up to your wedding. Book some pamper time, some date nights, sleep, and if you need another pair of hands – source some help.


What can Lucy bring to your Wedding Planning


There are many reasons why having an extra pair of hands is important. And not just any pair of hands but those of a professional that can do things such as give advice, recommend the best suppliers for what you want, plan the wedding seamlessly and finally deliver the wedding of your dreams.


The average wedding takes 200+ hours to plan, so many couples simply do not have the time to plan their wedding alongside their work and social life.

Others can be overwhelmed by the huge variety of ideas, styles, suppliers, fees that are out there. Every couple is different and has their own needs and a good planner will be dedicated to delivering them.


A wedding planner is someone that


  • Advises, is also a counselor, there to support you and keep your planning journey stress-free
  • Saves you time
  • Who will work with you to capture and deliver the wedding that you want
  • In charge of managing your budget. Also able to help determine and more importantly continually manage it for you
  • Potentially saves you money (based on a variety of factors)
  • Able to find the most suitable venue for your needs
  • Is an industry professional with the contacts and knowledge of the best suppliers to suit your style and budget
  • Can keep your vision and schedule on track
  • Is an experienced Wedding day coordinator who will set up and pack down, manage suppliers and deliver your wedding as planned.
  • A problem-solver with the experience to foresee and troubleshoot any issues that may arise on the day.
  • Who will ensure you enjoy every moment of the wedding planning journey
  • Will give you the most memorable day of your lives


A wedding planner is a time-saving, troubleshooting, organised, committed and experienced person that will make sure you enjoy every moment.

If you need to know more about hiring a planner or getting to know the services I offer, please do get in touch.

Congratulations and good luck with the planning,


 Written by Lucy of Lucy Meehan Events Ltd


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